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Our Agenda — Working to increase treatment options for cancer patients (CAN) works on cancer-related drug development issues such as expanded access and regulatory concerns to facilitate the development and approval of safe and effective treatment options for cancer patients.

The drug development process is lengthy, complex and expensive. Treatment options can take more than a decade to get from a research concept to an actual treatment. The evidence may or may not justify approval by the FDA for use by cancer patients. In addition, the drug development process is changing as treatments shift from traditional chemotherapies to options such as biologic drugs and vaccines.

Because the drug development timeline is lengthy, CAN supports compassionate use or expanded access programs which provide experimental treatments to patients once a treatment is shown to be relatively safe and effective. CAN works to spread the word and increase compassionate use opportunities for patients. Check here for more information about compassionate use programs and here for information about specific therapies.


Cancer patients shouldn't find out secrets about their drugs from CNN
CAN believes there are situations where the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must act on behalf of patients with regards to proprietary information. Read more about disclosure here.


Patient advocate Wayne Armentrout attended part of the Congressional hearing about ImClone. Read his observations and perspective on what he heard at the hearing here or review a digital video of the hearing here.


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